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Comic Cove opened in State College, in the heart of Penn State University, in 2024. It is owned by Justin Behrens who has loved comic books since a child. Justin remembers getting comics while serving this nation in the Army in Iraq. Justin has had pugs most of his adult life and Noah his most recent dog inspired him to have as a store comic hero. Comic Cove’s mission is to bring affordable comics into the hands of people that enjoy them. Alan Moore state in an interview that he wishes this wasn’t a business that only the rich can be in and bring it back to the middle class. Justin remembers getting comics in a subscription to his house and is bring that back to anyone across the nation who wants to order through Comic Cove. Our goal is to serve anyone that is interested in no matter what comic they are looking for. Comic Cove sells and buys comics new and old. Comic cove also specializes in trading cards like Pokémon, MTG, One Piece and more.